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Using The Intraoral Camera

by Dec 18, 2015Oral Health

Intraoral Camera

The intraoral camera is perhaps, one of the most useful and efficient technologies currently being used in dentistry. As the term indicates, this is a specialized camera that is intended to capture clear and concise images of the mouth without any distortions. Due to its ease of usage, portability and excellent results, the intraoral camera is being used at all leading dental clinics and hospitals across the globe today. Not only has it gained immense popularity amongst the dental community, it is also preferred by patients who are curious to learn more about their oral health and procedures.

The intraoral camera produce high quality and high definition images that can be used for two major purposes:

  • To study the morphology of any intraoral structure and to diagnose different conditions.
  • To allow the patient to view pre- and post operative pictures, or to explain to them how a particular procedure will be performed inside the mouth.

The intraoral camera thus enables both, the dentist as well as the patient, to gain a comprehensive insight of the current condition of the affected tooth, for instance, or the procedure as it is being performed. It has also been observed that patients feel a lot more comfortable about procedures when they are able to visualize them, instead of simply imagining them.

The handheld intraoral camera is connected to a screen/monitor that is placed directly in front of the patient. The dentist can either choose to take pictures of intraoral structures, or simply hover the camera over the teeth and soft tissues to allow patients to observe structures that they may have never noticed before. The handy device is frequently used to show patients changes before and after teeth whitening procedures, fillings, crown placements, and even dental implant surgeries. Intraoral cameras also play a critical role in studying orthodontic cases and making patient appreciate changes in occlusion after the treatment.

No matter how big or small the practice may be, the intraoral camera is one of the best investments a dentist can possibly make. It is ultra effective in helping patients getting into their comfort zones and shunning the anxiety associated with procedures and treatments that they can’t even see. With the bright, large sized color display, it becomes easy for dentists to explain different conditions and procedures, and for patients to understand them.
At Westlake Hills Dentistry, we aim to equip our clinic with the latest in dental technology to make sure that our patients have a comfortable, enlightening and stress-free experience with us every time! Book your appointment with the leading team of specialists today.

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