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Straumann Implant Placement System

Dental implants replace missing or damaged teeth. They also provide abutments for complete or partial dentures. Dental implants are secure and permanent solutions when there is no other choice but to remove the affected tooth or teeth.

The implant is placed into the gum and jaw, left to heal, and then a natural looking crown is placed over it to provide you with a natural looking and feeling replacement tooth. By placing an implant, you can retain your teeth’s placement. This is important for your facial shape and ease of eating and speaking.

Dental implants are done over several visits as your gums and jaw need time to heal and fuse with the implants. Our doctor will perform an extensive examination to determine if you will need a bone graft or if your gums are healthy enough to receive an implant.
Westlake Hill Dentistry is excited to be able to offer our patients the Straumann Implant Placement System. This innovative system allows the doctor to precisely place the best implant for you. From Bone Control Design® to the implant-abutment connections, the Straumann system components are manufactured to meticulous design specifications. All the components and instruments used in the Straumann Implant Placement System are built on the foundation scientific research, quality, and cutting-edge technology.

Quality You Can Trust

More than 14 million Straumann Implant Placement Systems have been placed in more than 70 countries, so you rest assured the system is safe and effective. The majority of implants (98.9%) have an over 10 year survival rate which means they are still intact and secure after a decade of use. They come backed with over 30 years of extensive clinical and scientific evidence.

The Straumann system is designed to shorten treatment times and make the implant process less intrusive. Straumann SLActive® is designed to bond faster with bone, increase predictability of implant treatment, and reduce healing time. Straumann Roxolid® is the first Titanium Zirconium alloy designed for implants and patients with limited bone or narrow spaces between teeth.

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At Westlake Hills Dentistry Dr. Ho and his staff use the latest in dental technology to provide their patients real solutions to missing or broken teeth. Please call or contact us today and ask about the Straumann Implant Placement System and how it can repair and restore your smile.

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