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Straight Talk About Dentures and Implants

by Jan 2, 2020Cerec, Dental Implants, News, Oral Health, Westlake Doctors

What are dentures?

Dental Implant | Westlake HillsDentures are artificial teeth made using a material known as acrylic, to replace missing natural teeth in the mouth. There are two kinds of dentures that you can get depending upon the number of teeth present in your oral cavity; the first is known as Complete Denture, which is meant for patients who do not have any teeth remaining in their mouth and require complete oral/dental rehabilitation – and the second type is known as Partial Denture, which can be used to replace a few missing teeth in the upper and lower jaws. The treatment is perhaps the most affordable and economical of all tooth replacement options in dentistry today.

Dentures effectively only replace the crowns of the missing natural teeth, not the roots. They help patients regain their ability to eat, speak and smile again, but with certain limitations. For instance, complete dentures often rely on denture adhesives for retention, and are prone to displacement in the mouth during function. Because these prosthetic teeth rest on the natural ridge of the jaws, they can cause irritation and discomfort following prolonged use. Partial dentures on the other hands are held in place with the help of small metal hooks or clips, which may compromise the appearance of the smile.

Acrylic dentures do undergo wear overtime and dentists recommend replacing them every 5-8 years. A complete set of upper and lower dentures can cost a patient $600 to $1000 depending upon the clinic.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are artificial teeth fabricated using materials like titanium, zirconia and porcelain for replacement of missing natural need in the upper or lower arches of the oral cavity. Implant surgery is widely considered as the best treatment of tooth loss. This is because unlike bridges and dentures, implants replace both, the upper as well as the lower portion of a tooth.

The lower screw-like component, known as the implant, is made using one of the strongest known metals, Titanium. This is surgically fixed into the jaw bone and then allowed to fuse with the cells of this bone to create a solid anchor or foundation for the artificial crown. Once this integration has taken place, a custom-fabricated porcelain or zirconia crown is fitted atop the implant as the final phase of the treatment. Some of the most prominent features of this treatment that set it apart from other means of teeth replacement are:

  • Unmatched strength and stability
  • No chances of fracture or displacement
  • Artificial crown looks and feels exactly like any other natural tooth in the mouth
  • Complete restoration of aesthetics as well as functionality
  • Contributes to bone health and strength
  • Prevents jaw bone from thinning and degenerating
  • Can be used to retain complete dentures in the mouth
  • Is a one-time surgery and the implant never has to be replaced

The replacement of a single tooth using a dental implant can be a little more expensive, but because you will only need it once, it can be considered as an investment for your oral health. If you wish to learn more about dental implants, give us a call today!

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