Deano Sakos, DDS – An Austin Cosmetic Dentist

bpm-images-631629Dr. Deano A. Sakos

“Since most of us don’t know exactly what we want, our lives tend to be shaped more by what we don’t want, rather than what we do want.”

I found this to be true throughout my career in dentistry. I have worked in many different offices and have practiced many different types of dentistry. There were some great experiences but also many unpleasant ones. I came to realize what I didn’t want in the dental office experience. In establishing this practice I have made every effort to provide a positive environment. What has evolved is a more inviting and comfortable office that is noticeable from the moment you first walk through the door. Gone is the small window from the front desk and the stodgy receptionist. They have been replaced with an open area that has friendly people who are communicators. The reception area is not a waiting room with old magazines. Wait times have been eliminated or reduced to 5 minutes.

I have always believed if there is interpersonal tension between the office personnel, this tension is sensed by the patient, either consciously or unconsciously. My staff is the heart of my practice. They are all close friends and this is reflected in creating a calming office atmosphere.

There are no little dark cubicles for patient treatment. All of the patient treatment rooms have televisions over the patient chairs and large windows with a view of a natural green area and plenty of natural light. Our office is paperless and filmless. It is high tech with low radiation digital x-rays and computer generated single visit crowns and bridges.

We treat one patient at a time and don’t chair-hop between several patients. Our first concern is you and the relationship that we can build together. Come visit us and see if you don’t find what you want.

Dr. Deano A. Sakos, an Austin Cosmetic Dentist, graduated from the University of St. Thomas in 1980 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in biology. He went on to attend the University of Texas Dental School in Houston, earning his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree in 1985. That same year, Dr. Sakos established a private practice in Austin, Texas. He is married to his lovely wife Reni and together they have identical triplet boys, Grayson, Travis and Bryce.